What you opt to eat for breakfast decides whether or not it is your main meal of the day. Even though a donut with icing and sprinkles may meet your teeth, it will probably lead to a sugar wreck and hunger cravings shortly after.

For a complete tummy, energized body and head, try these yummy breakfast thoughts.

Lots of people like to begin the day with java, but another drink should come : Water! H2o activates the metabolism and also re-hydrates your entire body following a night’s sleep. If you shy away in the plain flavor of plain water, infuse it with your favourite fruit or put in a lemon wedge.

Whether scrambled, poached, hard boiled or within an omelet, protein-rich eggs will keep you complete and detract awful cravings. Keep it simple with sauteed veggies or create a healthful breakfast sandwich on whole grain bread. The glucose in bagel and croissant sandwiches will cause an energy crash in the future.


The intricate carbohydrates found in oatmeal break down and supply energy to the human body also, its packed with minerals and vitamins. Oatmeal is also proven to increase serotonin levels in the mind for enhanced memory function.

While popular flavors such as brown sugar and apple cinnamon are yummy, the pre-made packs are packed with sugar and additional calories. Try overnight steel cut oats with almond milk, fresh fruit plus a dab of pure maple syrup to include organic flavor.


Greens are considerably more flexible than used in salads. It is possible to add spinach, spinach, arugula or a different favourite leafy green into a quiche or walnut sandwich. Additionally, eating greens at the morning begins you on the ideal path to the recommended daily dose of veggies!


On the topic of greens, smoothies are a excellent vessel for veggies. Pack your morning beverage with potassium, fiber, antioxidants and minerals from leafy greens, nonfat yogurt, frozen or fresh fruit and flaxseed.


Should you meal prep or have some time in the morning to make more fancy meals, try one of both of these excellent dishes.

To get a hint of candy, high the curry with plain Greek tomatoes and yogurt. In any circumstance, sweet potatoes have the vitamins, minerals and fiber to help keep you complete. Salmon has omega-3 fatty acids such as brain, eye and heart health, in addition to Vitamin D to resist fatigue.

Quit by that our Wallingford restaurant for breakfast served daily! Start your day off right with a few of our favorites:

Egg white omelets with healthful ingredients such as mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, avocado, asparagus and grilled chicken
Vegan breakfasts, such as southwestern tofu citrus and citrus milk yogurt parfaits
Whole wheat breakfast wraps with delicious ingredients such as egg whites, berries, berries and turkey bacon
Whole wheat breakfast quesadillas with scrambled eggs, avocado, jalapenos and other healthful filling options
Colony Diner cooks using fresh, local ingredients to put a wholesome spin on classic diner meals. Explore our comprehensive menu now!


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My son has autism and generally he’s okay but every so often if he does not get the specific booth he desires, he’s a meltdown. Julie, and the remainder of the staff could not be more attentive to your own or her needs. Even going so far as to visit the local store for him a few lollipops to calm him down. The other clients knew what he had been going through.
We will certainly keep coming back for many years to come!

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